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Shipping and Transport Instructions

Deliveries from Europe

Shipping and transport instructions for deliveries from Europe

Schaeffler Group: all German plants: version 2014-04

These shipping instructions are part of our “purchasing conditions” and are valid for all deliveries from Europe.

General purchasing terms
General shipping information

Delivery conditions

For deliveries "in EXW/FCA", please commission the following shipping companies according to the goods being transported. The order is to be placed via Internet, e-mail or fax using the relevant link. If you use the email form, you will receive a customer copy of your electronic order.

Registering with our logistics service providers

Deliveries must be registered via e-mail as described below:

Procedure for normal deliveries within Germany:
  • Day A Registration by 2:00 pm
  • Day B Pickup by 4:00 pm
  • Day C Delivery at Schaeffler location in Germany
Procedure for normal deliveries from Europe to Germany:

Deliveries must be registered with our service providers in good time so that the agreed delivery time can be met..

Goods receipt contact

Goods receipt contact

Parcel Shipments

Parcel Shipments up to 70 kg Germany

Transport by parcel service: UPS

Transport by parcel service: UPS

INA/FAG up to 70 kg LuK up to 32 kg (only parcels with girth 3,30 m, keine Paletten!)

Shipping country: only Germany

UPS Shipment

Instructions for completing

The delivery note has to be fixed outside of the parcel, in a clear plastic folder, clearly visible.

Important information:

After creation of your shipment to a Schaeffler plant and the UPS label through the UPS online form, there are two ways for pickup:

You are an UPS customer

If you are already UPS customer, you only need to handover the parcel to your regular UPS collection vehicle.

When you are able to create the UPS label in your own shipping department, you can request our UPS customer numbers from our contacts.

You are no UPS customer

If you are no UPS customer, you have to organize the pickup date with UPS.

  • Agree a pickup date with UPS hotline. The phone number is shown on the UPS label.
  • Fill in a online form on the UPS homepage.
  • Bring your parcel with the label to your next UPS shop.

If there should still be any problems, please get in contact with our contact persons.

Parcel Shipments within Europe

Delivery by parcel service: TNT-Express up to 32 kg

Delivery by parcel service: TNT-Express up to 32 kg

Sending country: only Europe

For booking of transportation the service “Economy Express” has to be selected. Other transport-services (especially Express-Service and Express-Service with time options) have to be aligned with responsible Schaeffler contact person before booking.

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