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Lubrication devices

Rolling bearings are automatically supplied with the correct quantity of lubricant by lubricators or lubrication systems. The avoids the most frequent occurrence of rolling bearing failure: insufficient or incorrect lubrication. Approximately 90% of all bearings are lubricated with grease. Relubrication with the correct quantity of grease at the appropriate intervals provides a significant increase in the life of the rolling bearings.

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Automatic relubrication devices

Automatic relubrication devices

Automatic relubrication devices provide fresh lubricating grease to the contact points of the rolling bearing in the desired quantity and at the right time. The devices adhere to the lubrication and maintenance intervals and prevent undersupply or oversupply of grease. Machine downtime and maintenance costs are reduced as a result. Relubrication devices are selected for specific bearing positions. They can be used for a wide range of applications, including electric motors, pumps, compressors and ventilators, linear systems, conveyor equipment, and machine tools.


This lubricator has a very compact design. It has one or two pump bodies that can be individually controlled, depending on the design. This means it can supply one or two lubrication points with lubricant. LC units are available in the size 250 cm3. The lubricator is supplied with power either from a battery or via a power supply unit. It can work independently or can be optionally controlled by an external control system.


This single and multi-point lubrication system provides a high level of variability. It has one, two, three or four pump bodies that can be individually controlled, depending on the design. Every pump body has two outlets so that up to eight lubrication points can be flexibly supplied with the required lubricant quantity at the correct lubrication interval using just one lubrication system. The CONCEPT8 lubrication system is suited to many different applications. Variants for linear systems, the use of oils as a lubricant or with internal heating are also available. Lubrication units (LC units) supply lubricant to the equipment. LC units are available in the size 800 cm3. The lubrication system is externally powered by a 24 V DC power supply. The device can be coupled to the machine. If the power supply of the machine and lubrication system are coupled, the machine is always re-lubricated in relation to its operation time.

Lubrication gears

Lubrication gears

A lubrication system comprises a lubrication gear and drive pinion or a lubrication gear and toothed rack. The lubrication gear lubricates the open gears of the drive pinion or toothed rack automatically and continuously.

Chain lubrication pinions

Chain lubrication pinions

A chain lubrication pinion is used to supply chains with chain oil fully automatically, as required. The rollers comprise open-cell PU foam and transfer extremely small quantities of oil to the top-most points of the chain link plates. From there, the oil flows between the inner and outer link plates as well as between the pins and rollers.

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