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The Advantages of Digitalization for OEMs and Railway Operators

As a component supplier to the railway sector, Schaeffler makes a sustained contribution to improving the competitive edge of the railway sector with respect to other modes of transport. We are therefore investing heavily in digitalization and thus optimizing the entire supply chain.
We consider ourselves to be a partner to our customers. We can utilize our specific knowledge of standardized product identification by means of DMC very effectively in the “railway system”.

Advantages of digitalization

Optimize maintenance costs and increase the reliability of rail vehicles

The digitalization of the supply chain by means of DMCs to the GS1 standard offers outstanding potential with regard to the traceability from the manufacturer to the operator, the electronic exchange of data, and the development of new service models.

Reconditioning of bearings

Reconditioning of bearings including digitalization by means of DMC.
This makes it possible to link bearings’ history, condition data, and operating data thereby enabling requirement-based maintenance intervals.

Schaeffler’s 100% return models

Two service models for the reconditioning of axlebox bearings simplify and accelerate the maintenance of rail vehicles.

100% return – 100% availability

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Story: Staying on Track

Flexible maintenance intervals can increase productivity in rail traffic. Schaeffler provides the technology required for this.

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Video: Digital twin – link to DMC

The option of a clear and unique product identification by means of DMC creates the prerequisites for generating a digital twin for Schaeffler’s railway products. In addition to digitization within the production and process landscape, this will also open up the possibility of integration in our Smart EcoSystem. The Schaeffler Smart EcoSystem is a flexible, scalable, and holistic business model for Industry 4.0. It combines Schaeffler's engineering expertise with algorithm-based data modeling and offers open interfaces for internal and external cloud-to-cloud solutions. Data obtained from the operation of our products can also be taken into account as well as the data from on-board systems installed by the customer. The focus throughout this process remains on the customer and their application.


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