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Improved metal cutting performance and precision Schaeffler Now Offering Rotary Table Bearing Series in X-life Quality

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The INA YRTC rotary table bearing unit in X-life quality provides machine tool operators with new ways to improve metal cutting performance while increasing precision at the same time.

2017-10-24 | Schweinfurt

By completely overhauling the YRTC series of INA rotary table bearings, Schaeffler has achieved even faster speeds and extremely high tilting rigidities, thereby providing machine tool operators with new ways to improve metal cutting performance while increasing precision at the same time.

Schaeffler is now presenting its INA YRTC rotary table bearing unit in X-life quality. As a result of the completely new design, the previous performance range has once again been greatly exceeded with regard to rigidity and speeds. The new YRTC bearing design offers very uniform frictional torques that are 50% less, allowing the limiting speeds to be increased by up to 80% in some cases. At the same time, it has been possible to step up the tilting rigidities by as much as 20%. Thanks to these performance features, the series is now receiving the X-life premium seal as well.

Technical features of the new YRTC bearings include plastic cage segments with a special grease reservoir, an optimized bearing ring design, and an optimized rolling element geometry. Moreover, the bearings also have excellent axial and radial run-out accuracies. Measuring systems integrated in the bearings are also available as an option for this series. The YRTC bearings are especially well suited for use in hobbing machines and in heavy-duty positioning and swivel axes for ultra-precise machining.

YRTC Series Compared to the YRTS and ZKLDF Series

Thanks to the three series – YRTC, YRTS, and ZKLDF – Schaeffler has an exceptionally large selection of rotary table bearings available for all preferred machining processes, axis types, installation sizes, and load and speed ranges. In addition to the YRTC bearings, Schaeffler also offers YRTS rotary table bearings (S = speed) for applications that operate at very high speeds and make increased demands on tilting rigidity. For instance, they are used in ultra-precise milling, grinding, and gear cutting machines and in high-speed rotary tables. For maximum speed requirements, double row INA axial angular contact ball bearings of the ZKLDF series are available. Their preferred range of application includes bearing supports with a high duty cycle in rotary tables with a main spindle function. All series are able to be equipped with integrated angular measurement systems.

Publisher: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
Country: Germany

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